Kingray is a power trio rock band from Gent: voice, guitar, bass and drums. With their driving rhythms and harmonic melodies, this band brings a raw sound quality to the stage that is influenced by power pop, punk but also blues and diverse other genres. Kingray started out in 2016/2017 with the album - Kingray - "Pixie and Fairytales"
- Kingray Line up: Ron Rieck(voice/guitar) Gilles Dhaenens(drums) and Daniel Guerrero (bass). The Kingray Band rearranged the album songs to get them to the stage within a power trio setup. Their music is influenced by diverse genres, styles and concepts. Their sound is drawn in the shifting colours of a stylistic chameleon changing from psychedelic rock of the 60s through pop and disco of the 80s to the here and now.

And so the gamma ray that never hits a particle on its endless transit through space will forever remind of the explosion that created it. And eventually as it is stretched out, pushed down the Spectrum and changed by the expanding void, it will eventually become a KINGRAY.

Philip Andrew Quinones, 2017

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